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[ U N D E R C O N S T R U C T I O N ]

You're a character from a Zelda series. You have a home, a history, and a tie to the legendary hero himself. You find yourself suddenly in Hyrule, as it was during the start of Ocarina of Time. But the streets are deserted. What happened? How did you get here? And why can't you leave? There will be friends. There will be foes. There will be total nutjobs.

Welcome to the Legend of Zelda Dressing Room!

If you're here, you're probably already familiar, but let me reiterate: a dressing room is a roleplay with no defined setting, no plot, and no meaning. There's no application process. Try out new characters you've never played before, or throw characters from more formal RPs into a looser setting. Whatever you want out of a dressing room, you make for yourself. The point of it? Just to have fun!

There's only one rule here: Zelda characters only.

Well, of course, that brings up a few more rules. For one, No Smash Bros, Soul Calibur, or Captain N characters. You can use Zelda characters from these universes, of course. But no outsiders. You can't use Mario, for example. Also, No fanfic-exclusive characters or any kind of OCs no matter how brilliant they are. Of course, all NPCs from the Zelda games, no matter how minor, are allowed. Want to be Kreeb? Be Kreeb.

As always with dressing rooms, doubles are encouraged. So you want to RP Twilight Princess!Link, but find there are already three of them? So what? Go for it! Everyone's take on a character is unique, so give it a try. AU versions of all varieties are allowed, as well as alternate versions of "canon." So have fun with that.

Want to RP sex, drugs, or rock and roll? Het, yaoi, or yuri? No problem! Just keep anything beyond first-base under a cut, and anything beyond R locked to community members only. Don't like it? Ignore it. No one's forcing you to read.

Wondering where the heck the OOC lj community is? It's right here! So if you've got someting out of character to say, like an introduction or a plot idea, go ahead and make it in that community. There is also an OOC AIM chatroom! It's "zdressing". So if you're at all interested, grab some of your fellow muns and head on over! (For more information on how to join the chat, check out the FAQ, linked below.)

That's enough reading for now. Still have questions? Check the FAQ or ask a Mod. They'll be happy to help.

So join up and get started!

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